GENERAL RULES

1. That this club shall be called Newtown Angling Club.
2. The club affairs shall be managed by up to eight members consisting of elected officers and committee members. This group will be referred to as the 'Club Management Committee'.
3. The Club Management Committee will have the power to make day-by-day decisions within the general rules of the club. Any decision must be agreed by at least 50% of the Club Management Committee. The chairman will exercise a casting vote, if necessary.
4. All Club Management Committee positions being on an annual basis are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
5. The Club Management Committee have the power to fill any vacancy that may arise during the year following the nomination of the candidates for these vacancies, at a monthly meeting.
6. Membership of the club shall be renewable annually. The membership fee shall be decided by the officers and committee of the club and promulgated at each February meeting. In addition to this fee new members, excluding juniors and old age pensioners (OAP's) joining the club, shall pay an initial club registration subscription.
7. Junior members shall be under 17 years on 16th June of the current season.
8. Members will pay fees and permit fees as per club rules.
9. Membership is open to all persons. Applications for membership should be made at a monthly meeting and be accompanied by a proposer and a seconder who are club members.
10. All members are to hold current affiliated association water permits and a current Environment Agency rod licence. It is incumbent upon all members to keep up to date with the changing rules and requirements of the association(s) to which the club may be affiliated.
11. The Club Management Committee shall meet every month on the second Tuesday of the month at an agreed meeting place unless that Tuesday coincides with a Bank Holiday, then the meeting will take place on the Tuesday of the following week. The agenda for the meeting must include the following:
a) Minutes of the last meeting;
b) Matters arising;
c) Correspondence;
d) Treasurers Report;
e) Affiliated Association Reports (e.g. RDAA, BCAA and TVAA reports);
f) Match Secretary's Report;
g) Any Other Business.
12. Additional items which may crop up during the year which are of importance must be included in the agenda and circulated to members before the appropriate meeting.
13. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held on the second Tuesday in April. When the second Tuesday in April coincides with a Bank Holiday the meeting will take place on the Tuesday of the following week. The agenda will be as follows:
a) Minutes of the last AGM;
b) Matters arising;
c) Officers report;
d) Election of officers;
e) Voting upon proposals to amend club rules;
f) Any other business.
14. Nominations of new officers and committee members are acceptable by the March meeting. Proposals for rule changes shall be submitted at the February meeting. Amendments to these proposals to be submitted at the March meeting. Discussions can take place at both of these meetings. Proposals and amendments to proposals must be in writing signed by the proposer and seconder.
15. All members are required to exhibit their membership cards or receipts to any owner occupier, water bailiff or to any person connected with the club or any association to which the club is affiliated.
16. Members shall abide by the bylaws of the Environment Agency and the bylaws of any authority which governs the water being fished.
17. The rules of any association to which the club is affiliated will be strictly adhered to. Particular attention must be paid to the permit rules with reference to each venue. Failure to comply will render members liable to expulsion from the club and loss of permits.
18. No fish shall be taken away from any waters. All fish must be returned alive to the fishery from whence they came.
19. Members must refrain from the following:
a) lighting fires on the banks;
b) digging said banks in search of bait;
c) damaging trees or parts of trees;
d) damaging gates, hedges or fences;
e) leaving gates open;
f) and leaving litter in any shape or form.
20. All anglers are responsible for leaving their swims free of litter of any description.
21. The Club Management Committee shall have the authority to expel any member contravening any of the foregoing rules or any member whose conduct is detrimental to the interests of the club.